Its been a testing few weeks here at NBHQ , whilst adapting to the constraints of lockdown, to running a thriving online business which has all been a challenge.

But adapt we will and adapt we have! One positive of enforced lockdown is the time to dedicate to those little jobs that have been on the back burner. We are currently relaunching our online store and have also set up a new affiliate marketing scheme.

This way we can ensure that our gorgeous Novababy products can be seen by many more customers across the UK and beyond.

New Affiliate Scheme

You can signup for our affiliate scheme here. And it's a great way to earn some extra pennies in these uncertain times.

We have also launched some new products such as our happy bunny range, this is a perfect range for Novababy and will complement our wonderful current product range.


So this one is short and sweet, so stay safe and well and until next time.


Felicity x