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I'm rubbish at blogging!


Hi everyone,

So it turns out that I'm rubbish at blogging! Not the only thing I'm rubbish at to be fair, I'm not great at ironing, keeping houseplants alive or plaiting hair to name a few. I've sat down so many times to write a catchy, engaging blog, but my mind has been a complete blank every time. I think I've been over thinking it, something us women are prone to do, so instead of planning a masterpiece, I've decided to just write whatever comes in to my head, be it topical or not.

I work part-time as a midwife as well as running Novababy, but have had a couple of weeks off from the madhouse that is the hospital where I work! It's September, so we're really busy with those surprise "let's have a quickie in the stationery cupboard" Christmas office party babies, and those "I'm feeling so wonderful after watching The Wizard of Oz, take me upstairs Jeffrey and take me over the rainbow" babies! So lots of Mums and babies to look after at the moment which is good for Novababy :-) I was reading the other day that parents are naming their babies after characters in Peaky Blinders. I must be the only person in the country who hasn't watched it, just couldn't get into it for some reason. Apparently the name Arthur has entered the top 10 names for the first time since the 1920's and Ada has entered the top 100 for girls. I love old fashioned names, they don't lose their appeal. Oliver and Olivia were the top names in 2018.

I've got Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park on while I'm writing this, seen Status Quo and Pet Shop Boys, both great. I'm on Banarama now, they look like they're dressed for a day in the office. Not exactly sure what Clean Bandit look like, but then I am an uncool, middle aged woman. 

Before I go, I will impart something of benefit rather than mindless drivel. The Royal College of Midwives has created a mini version of the "Midwifery Care in Labour Guidance for All Women in All Settings" for Emma's Diary. It is designed to support conversations between pregnant women and their midwives, and it will be given to women at their 34 week appointment so look out for that. Make sure you write down any questions you have for the midwife. If you're pregnant and haven't already looked, the Emma's Diary website is a wealth of info, find it at www.emmasdiary.co.uk

Right, I'm off to take my kitten to the vets for her post-spaying check up, alas she won't need a midwife now :-( Have a good weekend, supposed to be a nice one. We've got a couple of offers running on FB and Twitter if you need a baby gift, find us https://twitter.com/NovababyLtd, hope I've done that right!


Hello Everyone

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